20+ Online Web Tools for Freelancers, Writers, and Bloggers

Here are 20+ Best Online Web Tools for Freelancers, Writers, and Bloggers to Get New Ideas, Create Great Titles, and Sharable Images!

What are the Best Freelancer, Writer, and Blogger Online Web Tools to Get New Ideas, Create Attractive Titles, Sharable Images, and Write Without Fear of Mistakes?

True, as we all know, freelance writing is currently one of the fastest-growing careers in the content writing industry.

The popularity of this career is certainly inseparable from its various benefits such as no regular office routine, no daily commute, and the freedom to work from any corner of the world.

Indeed, if you look into the world of freelance writers, you will see that as a freelance writer, of course, you have to be proficient at many things.

They are often needed to manage existing clients and find new clients, generate ideas, research topics, manage your business, handle finances and, with all this, produce quality content.

Yup! That’s why working with one tool is not enough.

Today there are many online tools that we can take advantage of as freelancers of which some of the best tools will be discussed further below.

Okay, let’s go ahead, let’s see what are the best web tools or online web tools that are useful for freelancers, writers, bloggers, businesses, offices, and so on to increase our productivity?

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All right, let’s look at the following reviews below.

What are Web Tools?

Understanding web tools or web tools in simple terms is a type of web-based application, such as a web application that can be used to facilitate user needs and can usually be accessed online.

A web tool can contain one or more tools that take input data entered in a client application, process it, and return output (output) in the form of text, features, maps, reports, or files.

Some examples of the best online web tools or web tools sites, such as the AlatWeb.com website.

What are Writers, Freelancers, and Bloggers?

Before we discuss further what are the best web tools (web tools) for freelancers, writers, and bloggers to get new ideas, create attractive titles, and sharable images, write without fear of being wrong, and others, let’s first discuss the understanding and each one means.

Okay, let’s start with the first one, freelancers or freelancers are individuals who make money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for short-term work.

A freelancer is not an employee of a company and therefore may be free to complete different jobs simultaneously by various individuals or companies unless contractually committed to working exclusively until a particular project is completed.

Then, a writer which means a writer is a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular job.

In particular, this writer consists of various types, namely:

  • Web content writer.
  • Technical writer.
  • Business writer.
  • Newspaper or periodical writer.
  • Instructional or curriculum writer.

Next, the last one is for the blogger himself is someone who regularly writes material for a blog.

20+ Best Freelancer, Writer, and Blogger Online Web Tools to Get New Ideas, Create Captivating Titles, Sharable Images, Write Without Fear of Mistakes, and More Useful for Productivity

All right, so what are some useful tools especially for freelancers, writers, bloggers, and even businesses?

Okay, below are some web tools or online web tools that we have personally researched and applied, and which will certainly be useful for internet user productivity.

1. Grammarly

The first best freelancer, writer, blogger, and business online web tool that we will explain in this post is Grammarly.

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It is the most popular and accurate grammar checker in the world.

Yup! It scans your text for proper use of advanced grammar rules, corrects spelling, suggests synonyms, and improves your vocabulary.

Plus, Grammarly also works in whatever program or text editor you’re using.

Although currently, the version is only available for English writing, in future updates or updates We are sure that it will also include Indonesian.

Tools or other similar alternative tools are like ProWritingAid, Linux, and Outwrite.

2. Canva

Next up is Canva.

It’s a great online tool that lets you create all kinds of images including images, blog posts, presentations, Facebook and Instagram posts, covers for social media accounts, resumes, letters, one-page websites, and more.

Correct! You can add text to your images, use ready-made image templates and customize them to your needs using an easy online editor.

The platform is also available for iOS, and apart from that, there are lots of freeways, tips, and tricks to use Canva.

Tools or other similar alternative tools, such as EditImage.com, Lunapic, Free Online Image Editor, and PicMonkey.

You can check out some of the best Canva alternatives we’ve proven to be quite similar here.

3. Hemmingway

Then, there’s Hemmingway.

Yup! Writing isn’t just about knowing catchphrases and showing off your vast vocabulary.

Your job is to make your text legible and easy to understand.

Of course! Hemmingway will help you do that, as it highlights complex sentences, suggests alternatives to larger words, and more.

Tools or other similar alternative tools that are similar to Hemmingway are Ginger software, Slick Write, and WhiteSmoke.

4. Ahrefs Site Explorer​

Suitable for freelancers, especially bloggers, Ahrefs is a popular marketing tool that helps you research backlinks, organic traffic, and keywords.

In addition, the tool also generates reports showing your competitors’ content that is most successful on Google and social media.

This data can be very useful for writers in creating new article ideas or blog posts.

Well, you need to know that this tool is paid, but there is a free trial ( free trial ) for 2 weeks that you can take advantage of.

Other alternative tools or tools that are similar to Ahrefs are Keywordtool.io, SE Ranking, WebCEO, and Serpstat.

5. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer​

The 6th (six) best online freelancer, writer, blogger, and business tool or web tool that we will explain here is Headline Analyzer.

This is a unique tool that offers you to check your headline score.

It will also give you an analysis of how many common, unusual, powerful, and emotional words your title has, show you how it looks on Google, and provide some tips for improving it.

This online tool is of course very useful in getting ideas, and we as writers don’t need to be afraid anymore that there are wrong writings or words in the headings of our articles.

Other similar alternative tools, such as Capitalize My Title and IsItWP Headline Analyzer.

Best Content Creation online Web Tools
Best Content Creation Online Web Tools
6. MonsterInsights

Another tool, especially for bloggers, is MonsterInsights.

This one is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

With MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin, you can easily connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics in just a few clicks.

MonsterInsights helps you discover how visitors find and use your site, so you can keep them coming back for more.

MonsterInsights shows you important e-commerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources, and more.

Some other similar tools that are similar to MonsterInsights are Google Analytics, Semrush, Heap, and Mixpanel.

7. Wordy

Then, there is also Wordy, this is a site that provides real-time human editing services.

Just submit your content and wait for some editor to claim that the work is done.

Moreover, this cool tool gives you access to editors from all major time zones, so you can get your edited text very fast.

Tools or other similar alternative tools, such as WordsRU, Scribbr, and Research Square.

8. Streaks​

The 8th (eighth) type of tool is Streak.

This is a simple Google Mail (GMail) extension that allows you to track sent e-mails.

This tool notifies you when a recipient opens your e-mail, which can be very useful for sending guest posts and finding clients.

You can also schedule e-mails to be sent later, create snippets, and add shortcuts.

Tools or other similar alternative tools are like Mailtrack, Snov, and GMass.

9. Copyscape

Plagiarism is a common problem in the writing business.

Yup! So, this Copyscape app can help you identify if the article is original and unique.

This tool can certainly come in handy when you are about to publish guest posts on your blog or buy some ready-made posts.

Tools or other similar alternative tools are like Duplichecker, PaperRater, and Copyleaks.

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10. WordCounter​

The more you use certain words, the less effective your writing can become.

WordCounter’s word counter can help you fix word repetition quickly.

All you need to do is enter your text into a block, check the settings and the tool will show you the overused words, so you can replace them.

Tools or other alternative tools that are similar or similar, such as Letter Converter Converter, Textdif, NimbleText, and Text Mechanic.

11. Focus Booster

On the 11th (eleventh), there is a Focus Booster.

This is an online timer created especially for freelancers ( freelancers ) based on the Pomodoro time tracking technique.

What’s that? The Pomodoro technique is a method that relies on 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest and so on.

That’s right, it helps you keep your tasks separate and stay more productive.

Tools or other similar or similar alternative tools, such as Online Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and Timer.

12. Write Room​

Write Room is a tool for Mac users that provides a distraction-free zone for writing.

Featuring a completely black background and no menu options, it helps you to focus on writing without losing concentration.

Other alternative tools or tools that are similar to Write Room are Freewrite, FocusWriter, and OmmWriter.

13. Dark Room​

Well, don’t think that’s a no-no because you see the meaning of the name, friends.

Yup! DarkRoom is the same distraction-free writing zone, but for PC (Windows) owners.

Indeed, it is a clone of Write Room that is used to provide a custom writing environment, especially for Windows users.

Other alternative tools or tools like the Dark Room application that you can try are Q10, WriteMonkey 1, and Write!

14. Google Keep

Google Keep is another useful app that lets you take quick notes, checklists, or jot down your ideas.

Here, there’s even a search box to quickly browse through your notes.

It has a minimalistic skin, but is a full-featured notes app, and is available for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Web.

Correct! You can record audio and control the app with your voice.

Other tools or alternative tools that are similar to Google Keep are Web Micro pad, TreeSheet, and Boost Note.

15. Skitch

To annotate screenshots, documents, or images, you can leverage and use Skitch by Evernote.

This tool for Mac, iPhone, and iPad makes it incredibly simple and easy to add arrows, text, stamps, and more to images and documents.

Other alternative tools or tools that are similar to Skitch Evernote are Greenshot, Lightshot, and PicPick.

16. Pexels​

The best online web tools or tools for freelancers, writers, bloggers, and other businesses are Pexels.

It is one of the largest free image directories that offer high-quality images for your articles and blog posts.

Pexels has collected photos from many other free image sites and photographers under one roof.

Yup! You can use the search box to find the image you need.

Tools or other similar alternative tools are like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Flickr.

17. TextExpander​

TextExpander is a great tool that replaces a word or multiple letters with whatever you want.

This is a service to help you type faster and more productively.

For example, you can change the letter “stuff” to the text “thank you for visiting” and so on.

Correct! All your footage will be stored in the cloud, so you can use this tool wherever you go.

Other tools or alternative tools that are similar to TextExpander are Text Blaze, PhraseExpress, and aText.

18. Focus@Will

Its name is Focusatwill.com, Focus@Will is another useful web app that gives you a set block of time and selects music to play while you work.

Yes, this method can help you to stay focused on a single task and is a perfect choice for writers.

It has a unique collection of instrumental music that you won’t find anywhere else, so you can listen to whatever you want.

Other similar tools or alternative tools, such as Brain.FM, GetWorkDoneMusic, and Coffitivity.

19. Feedly​

We quite like using Feedly to subscribe to news from top blogs.

Here, you can search for specific blogs or topics to subscribe to or organize your feed into collections to easily find what you need.

Apart from that, you can also set up alerts to know when someone mentions your blog or brand name anywhere on the internet.

Tools or other similar alternative tools are like Inoreader, NewsBlur, and Flipboard.

20. Website Url

Price Check Site Website URL This website is the best price estimator or website calculator in Indonesia that you can use to evaluate a site address (domain).

As for some related tools such as the URLWebsite website calculator, such as CekSite, GetWebsiteCost, and so on.

21. SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is a useful tool especially for bloggers to find out the on-page SEO web page.

this tool is available for free, without the need for a pro account, trial, or subscription.

There are several tools similar to SEO Analysis, such as SEO Check, SiteChecker, and SEObility.

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Well, as you can see, above are What are the Best Freelancer, Writer, and Blogger Online Web Tools to Get New Ideas, Create Attractive Titles, and Sharable Images, and Write without Fear of Mistakes.

Those are the types and kinds of online web tools that are certainly very useful in terms of increasing your productivity, and you can try them right now.

Yes! As we have often discussed, freelancers (freelancers) or entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) often make their own decisions.

They are not even regulated by anything, such as regulations on using 3rd party software to avoid Shadow IT.

As the master of your ship, there are many tools at your disposal, and some of the most useful, useful, and best of them are the ones we mentioned above.


That’s the article posting that we can share this time, where we discuss what are the Best Freelancer, Writer, and Blogger Online Web Tools to Get New Ideas, Create Interesting Titles, and Sharable Images, and Write without Fear of Wrong.

Hopefully what we have tried to convey and explain here can be useful and can also add insight and knowledge to all of us, especially in the field of technology and online business.

Please share our articles or posts here with all of your friends, relatives, colleagues, and business, especially if you find this useful also don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog.

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