The Little-Known Secrets to Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy 2022

What are some Email Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites?

An ECommerce Email Marketing Strategy is important for those of you who are already running a digital business. Why so? Because this will help you to achieve business success while maintaining good relationships with your loyal customers.

Yes, today’s business competition requires businesses to consistently create a pleasant customer experience, while building the trust of old customers as well as new customers.

It’s just that, one of the obstacles for this digital marketing strategist, maybe not many can distinguish ordinary promotional emails from email marketing for e-commerce.

Email marketing for e-commerce includes not only regular promotional emails but also transactional emails related to order confirmations, delivery notifications, as well as payment receipts.

Difference between Promotional and Transactional Email in Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy

Promotional emails usually relate to campaigns that have been planned to be sent to customers. The recipients of this promotional email are people who have filled out the registration form before.

Promotional emails can be used to share discount information, new product launches, or tell about your business, to build customer trust.

Meanwhile, a transactional email is an email that is sent automatically when a customer makes a transaction on your e-commerce website. This transactional email is a very important part because it helps provide information to buyers about transactions that have been made.

Transactional emails generally contain information about the status of orders that customers place. Has it worked or not? In addition, this email will also provide information regarding payment confirmations to delivery information for the products purchased.

The Best Promotional Email Strategies to Do for E-commerce Email Marketing

In the implementation of the strategy, of course, promotional emails and transactional emails have different ways. Before you understand how to create the best strategy for transactional email, let’s first look at the best email marketing strategy to promote your business.

1. Create a Registration Form

To launch promotional emails, you must have customer email data. How to get it? You can create a registration form through the business website page. Place this access signup form in a visible place, such as on the e-commerce homepage, sidebar, footer, or at the bottom of a business site article.

Try to make things unique. Don’t just use the word “subscribe” like you usually do, because it looks boring. You can make bombastic sentences like “click here to get our special product offers.”

2. Email Template Design

To make sending emails to customers easier every time, try designing an email template that you want to send. Make sure the email template you create uses a logo and colours that match your business brand.

Designing an email template will help you in the future to send emails faster. You only need to make slight changes, adjusting to the context of the promotion you want to send to your customers.

You can also get email templates from the website of the email marketing template service provider.

3. Create a Welcome Message

Be sure to always send a welcome or join message to subscribers who have recently subscribed to your promotional email. You can attach business information to your welcome email and thank them for being a subscriber to your newsletter.

4. Email Automation Service

If you are very busy taking care of e-commerce and other digital marketing strategies, just work with the digital marketing agency team. In this way, you can automate email more practically and quickly. Email automation is a service that helps to show other offers, even if the customer doesn’t take action on the promotional emails you send.

5. Determine the Frequency of Sending Emails Exactly

Sending out promotional emails to customers too often is not a good thing. Because this can be categorized as a spam email. Instead, you can set the exact frequency of sending emails to subscribers.

Choose whether you will send an email every 1 month or when there is a new product launch. Or if there are interesting things such as customer reviews, and other informative things, then this is very appropriate email content. So, you can provide useful information to customers, and not just focus on promoting your business.

6. Schedule Email Delivery

So that you don’t send emails that can be suspected of being spam, you can schedule promotional emails to be sent in advance. This schedule is not only related to when you have to send customer emails, but you can also schedule any promotional email materials that will be sent to customers later.

You can schedule the sending of emails at the beginning of every month, so it will help you to work precisely and efficiently because you don’t have to be confused about what to do next.

7. Create a Segment Customer List

You can also do segmentation of the list of customers who receive promotional emails according to the interests and needs of consumers. For example, when you sell fashion products, you can create a list of customers who are only interested in fashion.

This will give them a greater chance of catching their attention with a promotional email you send than sending a promotional email to all customers with diverse interests.

Best Transactional Email Strategies to Do for E-commerce Email Marketing

1. Use Special Services

To facilitate your work and the Jakarta digital agency team on this transactional email, you can use a special service that provides many features. Many services can help you to make it easier when doing this transactional email. One of them, you can choose a service that can help to personalize email templates and ensure emails are delivered to the targeted customer destinations.

2. Customize Your Email

Make sure you are using the correct email. Both in terms of name and template design. Try to use your unique business colours, logo, and product images when conducting transactional emails. This will certainly give a professional impression and also make customers remember your business.

3. Make Another Offer

In general, transactional emails are only limited to information about the results of transactions that have been carried out by customers. However, there is nothing wrong if you make other offers to customers to increase sales of other products. Make sure you offer items that are still related to previously purchased products.

4. Personalize Your Email Message Content

Try to always give emails with a personal touch, such as adding the customer’s name in the body and also giving a little unique about your business. This can increase brand awareness of your product and help you get closer to your customers.

5. Offer an Offer to Become a Reseller

If someone manages to make a purchase transaction with your product, then he or she will most likely like the product being marketed. This will be an opportunity for consumers to give recommendations about your product to those closest to them.

Well, you can also offer customers to become resellers with varied offers. For example, giving a 10% discount for the next order or another discount if he is officially a reseller.

6. Consider Opportunities in Every Email Sent

For every transactional email sent, it’s a good idea to go through careful consideration first. Because transactional emails will automatically enter your customer’s inbox. So, if there is a slight error it can be fatal for your business.

You can send transactional emails in the form of invitations for customers to provide reviews of products that have been purchased and remind consumers about other products that you also sell.

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Well, now you know what the best strategy is to maximize ECommerce email marketing Strategy. You can apply this strategy to stay connected with customers and build business trust. You can start an email marketing strategy for e-commerce to maximize promotional emails and transactional emails that can increase sales and build your business to be more successful in the future.

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