Secrets To Facebook Marketing – Even In This Down Economy

Do you want to learn about Facebook marketing? Do you want to market a product through Facebook? If yes, of course, you know what changes have happened to Facebook from year to year.

As we can see, Facebook continues to experience rapid changes every year. For those of you who are regular users of Facebook, of course, you can distinguish the changes that have occurred to Facebook in the past few years.

But did you know that the Facebook marketing tutorials that were very effective 2-3 years ago are no longer valid today?

Or even the worst possibility has experienced a loss so it is not effective if used as a marketing medium. One of the contributing factors is the movement of information in Indonesia which is still slow compared to abroad.

So, so that promotional activities through Facebook can be as effective as they used to be, then you should listen to some information regarding what steps must be taken in the world of marketing and modern Facebook so that you can carry out the perfect strategy.

Secrets To Facebook Marketing – Even In This Down Economy  – Learn Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the largest social media platform that has the largest number of users to date. Through accounts created on Facebook, people can find friends who have long lost contact, even with social media, people can earn money.

It can be seen that now more and more people are opening virtual laptops and selling through FB. Manufacturers of well-known brands also do not miss advertising on Facebook.

Selling a product in the form of goods or just through social media such as Facebook is digital marketing. In the past, people placed advertisements in newspapers, on television, or in print advertisements such as MMT, banners, and the like.

Now it has switched to a digital way, for example with Facebook marketing. Is it the same as FB Ads? It’s different because Facebook marketing is not just selling but trying to build good relationships with potential customers and clients.

Promotion Stages With Facebook Marketing

There are several steps you can take in Facebook Marketing

Get to know 5 Pages that Have Your Competitor’s Products on Facebook

The first step that needs to be taken so that the marketing strategy through Facebook can be right on target and perfect is to identify the 5 pages belonging to competitors on Facebook. Why does this need to be done? Some people who are new to Facebook will try to play ‘rough’ or unsportsmanlike.

The meaning of the word unsportsmanlike is meant for those who don’t know anything about Facebook. For example about what to do, what people like, what is effective, but suddenly immediately put an ad. Even though this can have an impact on your future promotions. Therefore, it is better to study according to the industry you are in.

Then how?

  1. The first step that needs to be done is to enter ‘Page about [industry] that are liked by my friends in the Facebook search field. Furthermore, Facebook will show which pages are according to the topic you entered in the previous search field, and of course, the most popular among friends around you.
  2. After that click ‘See more’ and after that will appear the pages that are your rivals. Look for as many pages as you think are very similar to your business. You should ignore pages with few followers or many followers but don’t have many likes and comments.
  3. Next, after knowing how many competing pages, then learn other important things related to what posts get the most likes and how often they make new posts in a day. Not only that, but you also need to identify what time the post often gets a lot of likes.

Keep in mind that one of the most important things when creating an ad is to be able to target people who have already liked a competitor’s group to like your page. Thus the ads that you create are right on target at a much cheaper and affordable cost. Interested to try it?

Make the ‘Page’ More Attractive and Unique, Follow the Tips

As we know that on Facebook, the ‘page’ is like a shop that must be made as attractive as possible so that customers are interested in having a look. If the shop is ugly and not well maintained, then it is certain that no one will be interested in coming there. Then how do make the ‘page’ look more attractive and different from the others?

It is very easy, you just need to follow the following tips to try it. Remember that the ‘page’ is like a shop, so make sure to decorate it as well as possible.

  1. The first step is to create a page first where you are then directed to choose one of the several available categories. Keep in mind that different categories mean different features presented on the page.
  2. If you are not sure about the page model you have chosen, then you should look for other references such as looking at your competitors’ pages. But keep in mind that the competitor in question who has the most likes and comments is not based on the number of followers.
  3. Next, enter the brand name that you set earlier. There are some tips that you can apply to create a brand name, such as using a short, short (2-3 optimal) brand name and don’t use a name according to the type of product or service. For example “home contractor” because it is not very interesting.
  4. After that, you are required to complete the profile starting from the description, URL, photo, cover, and some additional information needed. Keep in mind that completing a page profile should not be done haphazardly. Then, how? Follow these tips.
  • Profile picture, make sure to use a logo with a high resolution. This needs to be done to avoid blurry images
  • Cover, you should use an attractive image of course with a high resolution. Remember not to take pictures carelessly on Google.
  • About, in this section, you must explain your business briefly and interestingly. Don’t use verbose.
  • Do not forget to complete all the information contained on the information page.

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Usually, when you just create a page, you will be asked directly to place an ad. But you should ignore the notification first because it’s not the time yet.

Know and Set Your Target Audience

Talking about the world of marketing, we often hear the term target. It should be noted that targeting 1 audience group is far more effective than targeting too general. Why is that? This is because it is difficult to come up with a strategy that is right on target for all groups. Of course, this targeting is very useful when it comes to the content creation stage.

Usually, the fatal mistake that is often made is using language that is inappropriate for the target. For example, suppose your business targets people aged 35+ but on Facebook, you create content or posts which are aimed at young people with slang.

Of course, this is inappropriate and not pleasing to the eye. So basically, you have to provide appropriate posts or content according to your intended target. One of the advantages offered by Facebook is that there are features to make it easier for users to identify who the targeted audience is. The trick is to take advantage of competing brands.

The method is very easy, just type the word “Interest liked by people who like [name page]” in the search field. After that Facebook will display who the target of the business you are running is. The keyword ‘Interest’ can be replaced with other words, such as:

  • Movie
  • Books
  • Restaurant
  • Place
  • Public Figure
  • Organization
  • and many more.

Website Optimization for Facebook

If you’ve talked about Facebook Marketing, then you should already have your website. But if not, you need to create one now. Did you know that online marketing without using a website is like slowly committing suicide?

Maybe some of you have seen websites that are shared on Facebook. There are some broken pictures and also writing that does not match the original. Do you know the cause? This is one of the consequences of a website that is not optimized properly. If you want when the website is shared it has a good display and resolution, then apply the following method.

If you are a WordPress user then install a plugin called Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO. From this plugin, you can set meta tags more simply and easily. However, if you are a WordPress user but do not understand the language of HTML then you should submit articles through your website developer.

Learn Tips for Making a Good Post on Facebook

Did you know that on Facebook we can not make too many posts in a day? The reason is that posts that are more than 2x a day are likely to get fewer likes. In addition, because each post is required to have good quality, it is a little impossible to make many quality posts in a day.

Well, so that the posts you post look more attractive and unique, it’s very easy. You only need to apply the following tips when making it. What are they? Check out the full review below.

  1. Posts of text type should not stand alone but must be attached with images, videos, and links. Most people will tend to skip posts in the form of text because they seem uninteresting and ordinary. In addition, making content with text turns out to be difficult to convey because Facebook cuts text that is considered too long.
  2. As for posts in the form of videos, make sure to upload them directly. Avoid linking the video on YouTube because Facebook deliberately reduces the reach of YouTube videos posted via Facebook. On the other hand, videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook tend to get a lot of likes, comments, and shares.
  3. Post in the form of an image, so that it is more leverage you should use an image size that is close to a square or a square. Generally, the minimum image size is around 472 x394 px. For sizes that are more than that, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t fall short because it can affect the quality of the image after it is uploaded.
  4. Posts are links, please note that the links that get the best engagement on Facebook are links that have landscape-sized images or extend to the side. So try to choose pictures that have landscapes so that the image results on the website are getting better.

After knowing some interesting posting tips on Facebook, you may be curious as to which type of post is the best of all. Whether the selected post is good or not depends on the weight of the content presented. Keep in mind that posts uploaded on Facebook generally don’t have much weight. Preferably only in the form of images that contain a little information.

Even videos on Facebook are only viewed for 30 seconds. So basically, if the content to be loaded is in the form of short information, entertainment, notifications, and the like, it is better to use photos or videos. So when is the best time to post on Facebook? Again, it depends on who your target audience is.

  • Student / Student: weekdays, evenings
  • Worker: weekends, evenings
  • Housewife: weekdays, noon

Find and Join Groups Relevant to Your Industry

Keep in mind, that after publishing a post in approximately 3 to 5 days, you may notice that no one reads your post. No one likes or shares your posts. This is a natural thing.

However, most beginner social media marketing practitioners will do things that are not needed, such as giving up and don’t want to fight anymore or forcing themselves to post every day and waiting for the magic to come, to use certain ads. However, we are not going to talk about advertising, are we? We will discuss that later.

The conclusion is that if you only share content without creating a specific strategy to get viewers, of course, you will not make progress. Your content contains interesting and meaningful information. This is one of the mistakes in social media marketing that generally occurs among beginners. Then, what should be done?

  1. Join a group

If you want to be known by many people, then you must be willing to mingle with those people. The best way is to join groups that are relevant to your industry. From here you will get a lot of acquaintances.

2. Search for existing groups on Facebook

The second step to be able to get a lot of relationships is to look for groups on Facebook that have a lot of followers, but are not spammers! However, you must be selective in choosing groups on Facebook. Do not be Wrong.

The characteristics of a good group include frequent questions and answers, each post is always flooded with likes and comments, and members share information in the form of text, images, and links. Furthermore, all posts are related to each other.

Well, keep in mind that not all groups are public, so like it or not, you have to join first. Then, if it turns out that the content is bad, not as expected, you can leave or leave.

3. Don’t directly promote

After joining several groups, one thing that will come to mind is to immediately promote your business. Though this is an action that will harm your account. It could be that if you are directly promoted, you will be considered spam.

This is because today’s groups are very tight. If they do not comply with the rules, then the member may be kicked out. Especially for those new members who have immediately made a commotion. Will be blacklisted. So what to do? Share useful information, guides, and readings for groups on days 1 to 5 without links.

If you have received likes and comments, you can invite them to like your page. To quickly grab attention, you can share a guide in the form of a PDF.

Analyzing the Performance of Your Page

After more than a week you regularly post new things on the page and also join groups, and you will get relationships. You will also get likes, comments, and shares. This is because your posts attract readers. So, the key is to create interesting and useful content for them.

To find out whether there is progress or not on the page, you can check the Insights menu. Here you can get a lot of info about your page. Then, do an analysis, including checking the days on which many followers are online, their online time, the posts that get the most reach, to the posts of your popular rivals.

If you want to analyze rivals, the only way is to open the “Analyze competitor page” menu. After that, your job is to create new, targeted content.

Performing Page Optimization for Search Engines on Google

Creating SEO And Human-Friendly Names

Have you ever heard the term SEO? If you already know, you can continue reading to the next discussion. Usually, the discussion about SEO is always explained at the beginning. However, some people focus on SEO instead of the quality of the content. As a result, their content does not attract many readers.

The right principle is to use SEO as little as possible to get traffic on Facebook and Google. It’s easy, just use a name that relates to your brand. For example, if your brand is about photography, you can include photography words like “Darmawan photography”.

A bad example is naming your page with a strange name to pursue SEO, such as “Development of a Darmawan Website”. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? do not also add words that degrade your professionalism such as words selling, buying, selling, services, etc.

Creating the Right URL

As with the name page, you also need to use a URL with your brand name. If the name page you want is already available, add keywords at the beginning or end of the brand. For example, if the URL “Darmawan” does not exist, then use “DarmawanPhotography”.

If not, you can use local keywords. That means you use the regional name. An example of choosing keywords that have high traffic in this phrase is “Jogja website creation services”. So, his name could be “DarmawanJogja”.

Include About and Clear Address

About or meta description on the Facebook Page must be clear, just like SEO, that is, there is 1 keyword, interesting and also invites clicks. Also, include your address and phone number. It has a pretty big ranking in SEO. In addition to being used for SEO, your About column will usually contain the Facebook page’s phone number address and also backlink.

The address is indeed quite important, but the backlink doesn’t need to be properly specified. You’d better estimate your website because normally, Facebook pages are difficult to rank high on Google. Even if it could, it would take a long time. So, it’s better to just include a backlink from your website!

Make the Most of Facebook Notes

One way to bring in a lot of visitors from Google by using a Facebook Page is to maximize Facebook notes. You certainly know that Facebook is only one page. So, normally, you will only get the highest ranking for 1 main keyword and also some of its derivatives.

If you make an article on the Facebook note, then you can target other keywords. However, note a few things first. First, don’t focus too much on content on Facebook, don’t target keywords that have high keywords, and don’t forget to always post notes on your website or Facebook page.

How to make notes on your Facebook Page? The method is quite easy, you just need to go to the Settings menu > Apps > Then click the Add App button on the notes. That’s where you’ll know the location of your notes. One thing you need to know is don’t over-optimize, and don’t rely too much on traffic on search engines.

Use Facebook Ads, Check Out the Short Tips First

The discussion about advertising on Facebook will be discussed in another article, but because you may already be very curious about it, you can listen to the short tips, OK? Generally, the appearance of Facebook on each person is not the same, there are English and Indonesian displays. So, just adjust to the terms.

Some of the tips include, first, don’t “boost” posts that have been launched, just make “dark posts” with the power editor. Second, use appropriate or relevant images. Third, the target interest can be from another audience page. Next, create a specific target audience for the first ad. Then, you can also install a remarketing pixel and also a conversion tracking pixel on your website.

Then, learn about copywriting. Then, don’t forget to tell them to click, download, buy, etc., and the reason why the audience should do that. Next, if you have a small budget, just focus on news feed ads. The next tip is to make more than one type of image, targeting, and copying. Lastly, don’t sell right away, give useful content first.

Do a Soft Sell (Not a Hard Sell) See How First!

Why is it not recommended to do hard selling?

One of the most fatal mistakes made by social media marketing beginners is hard selling. You need to know, that no matter how good your content is and as much as possible you use ads, still, if you do hard selling then all that hopes to get a large audience will be in vain in the sense that this method is likely to fail.

You have to understand that Facebook people are not all buyers or buyers. Many of them use Facebook just for fun, such as viewing photos, status updates, and viewing product advertisements. By clicking on the ad does it mean they are interested in buying? Certainly not. That’s why advertising is not the only way to get buyers.

Facebook Ads is not the same as Google Adwords in that their target is to do a keyword search to buy something. So, it would be better if you do not do hard selling. Do soft selling that makes Facebook users feel comfortable and doesn’t seem forced.

How is Soft Selling It?

Soft selling for Facebook is really easy if you put a little effort into it. The trick is to share Ebooks, guide content, Videos, or webinars, as well as discount coupons. However, don’t give it all away for free, you can ask to exchange their email and cellphone numbers for marketing purposes.

What’s the goal? The goal is to promote your brand to them through these emails and contacts. Who would have thought that one day they would be interested in buying your product? This can also be used as an alternative to remind them of the product they wanted to buy in the past.

Now, after knowing these 10 steps, you can start the first step by step. But some thing you have to remember is that your website is the most valuable thing compared to your Facebook Page. Socialize more often because you are on social media, don’t do hard sells, and learn all the concepts of copywriting.

Furthermore, to find out more detailed information about social media marketing, you can read the next article regarding guidelines for developing strategies, common mistakes, and increasing Followers, to Facebook Marketing. Hopefully, the information above is useful and helps you in the future.

In Facebook marketing, there are three types of tools that can be used to increase the target audience, including the following.

Tools in Facebook Marketing


What if your business Facebook page is the same as a personal Facebook profile which is very easy to create as well as to post content on it? The content that is created and posted on the pages of your business Facebook is a tool to build a good relationship with potential buyers or clients in the long term.

Imagine if every content you post on your business FB page is always seen by your followers. Of course, it will make them more familiar with and feel familiar with the brand you are selling. Another advantage of Facebook marketing is that you don’t have to pay anything to create a business page. It’s free you create a personal FB account, you just need the right settings so that more people see the content.


Take full advantage of the group feature on Facebook to be able to reach more customers. With a group at least you will be able to share information about the brand you are selling. In addition, creating a group on FB with people who have the same interests and hobbies, will certainly make it easier for you to attract them in an effective chat as a starting point for product marketing prospects.

Through Facebook groups, you have started a good first step by gathering people who have interests and hobbies in the same field. You can provoke an effective chat between group members so that they talk and discuss the product or brand that you sell. From this interactive chat between members, you will be able to find out and measure how much interest they have in the brand you offer.

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The response of followers of a business page on Facebook is critical to the progress of your business. Of course, it will be good news if they accept and like your product. On the other hand, if they are not interested, it can be used as material for evaluation and correcting the shortcomings of the product so that it can be more accepted by them as potential buyers. Later, if they are satisfied, they will invite their relatives to join.

Advertising or Facebook Ads

Similar to conventional advertising which will make it easier for people to remember because the content is different as well as digital marketing. Create good and interesting digital content to post into Facebook ads to attract more viewers ( viewers ). The procedure is also not much different from conventional advertising. You only need to pay for business content that is created and then shared with specifically targeted users.

Digital content intended for advertising in Facebook advertising has a target to be able to get as much audience as possible. In addition, it is also expected that people who have seen your business content will share it on their Facebook Home so that it can be seen by everyone who is their FB followers or friends. That way more people will know your product and more people who have potential as consumers.

Finally, learn how the public responds to the content you create. See how actively engaged they are with content on Facebook Ads and your business pages via Business Manager and Page Insights.

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