The Secret of Multiple Click Email Blast in 2022


Multiple Click Email Blast: To implement digital marketing, you can not only use Instagram media. However, you can also maximize the use of email, which is commonly known as email marketing. Email marketing usually has the goal of increasing sales.

Therefore, many people wonder, how to get a lot of clicks on the blasted email. In this article, let’s find out together the secret to multiple click email blast. Many clicked email blasts are the main key to successful email marketing.

Interesting Reasons for Email Marketing to Try

From year to year, internet users are increasing. With the increase in the number of internet users, of course, followed by email users. Because, when creating an account on social media, the first thing to ask for is an email account.

In other words, email is the main requirement to be able to have an account on social media. In addition, now the era is full of technology and almost everyone has an email.

Email marketing is not only used by those of you who own a business. Website owners or managers also need to implement email marketing to increase the number of website visitors. Unfortunately, not many people know how to get a lot of clicks on email blasts by email recipients.

If the email that is sent is only opened, but not read at all, then your efforts are in vain, right? Well, here are some secrets so that the email blast you send gets a lot of clicks.

The Secret To Email Blast Many Clicks

1. Create Attractive Email Subjects

The subject of the email is the key to the email you send. The more interesting the sentence in the subject you make, the more curious the recipient will be. For example, if you want to send an email containing information about your discounted merchandise, then you can write down the subject, as follows:

Example 1:

“Limited Opportunities! Only for today discount all items just for you!”

Example 2:

“Discount all items!”

Can you see the difference between the 2 examples above? If you use example 1, the recipient of the email will be even more curious because there is a limited opportunity sentence, and is specifically for you. The name is a limited opportunity, meaning that not everyone gets a discount.

While example 2, email recipients tend to have normal responses, even though they will delay reading the email because there is nothing that invites their curiosity. And finally, the recipient of the email even forgot to open the email.

2. Insert Call To Action Technique

When you send an email, it’s impossible to just fill in the email with a long explanation. Of course, you will include a link that invites readers to open the link. Indeed, it is not easy to get readers to click on the link included in the email.

However, you can provide a short, concise, and clear explanation of what is listed on the link so that the recipient of the email has a complete picture of your offer. You can also insert sentences with the Call To Action technique in the form of an invitation to open the link. For example, “Come on, click below to get a special 70% discount for today!”

3. Insert Question

The content of the email is not always about what you convey. However, you can insert questions that prompt readers to respond to emails you send. This is the first step to building a closer relationship with potential customers.

Questions must be related to the products you offer, for example by raising problems that are often faced and the solution is your product. Establishing a good relationship with potential customers will keep your emails from being read by them. This is one of the tricks so that the email you send does not go into spam.

4. Add Additional Notes

If the reader has already read your email, don’t forget to always include an additional note at the end of the email. The goal is to emphasize making the reader will remember the contents of the email you sent. Usually, in psychology, humans will only remember the first thing and the last thing that caught the eye for a long time better.

That’s why, adding a note to emphasize how profitable it is if the reader clicks on the link, needs to be repeated at the end of the email.

5. Add Urgency Sentence

Can you see the difference, when you need to buy something that has a high level of urgency and a low urgency? You will be excited to buy items that are of high urgency or that are more needed. Well, it’s the same with your email readers. The more you add a sentence of urgency, the more they will have the traction to click.

These urgent sentences can use urgent words, such as: “Hurry up! The price will go up in an hour!” This method can further encourage the email reader to click and as a bonus, he will take the offer quickly.

6. Make Readers Curious

Have you ever been curious about something? Surely that curiosity will encourage you to find out, right? Well, you can also apply this method when creating an email blast so that it gets a lot of clicks.

For example, information about discounts is limited. You can mention what items are on discount. Then, you give the sentence, “If you want to see more discounted items, please click the following link “. This sentence is also an invitation without realizing it by the email reader.

7. Send Email at the Right Time

Try to send emails at night or on weekends. If you send on business days and hours, there is a possibility that the email you send will be drowned with work email. To increase the likelihood that the email you send will be opened and read by the recipient of the email, send the email in the evening, around 8 pm to midnight.

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But, as with any other social media, you should do some testing to find out when is the right time to send an email to your readers or subscribers. You can analyze this data in advance to get the best hours to send emails.

Have you been able to implement several ways to get a lot of clicks from your email blast? Please try the secret of this multiple-click email blast first. If you get the results, whether successful or unsuccessful, please contact a digital marketing strategist to get other secrets.

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