5 Types of Local SEO Content to Increase Organic Traffic

Local SEO Content to Increase Organic Traffic in 2022

Local SEO Content: In a previous article, I introduced Local SEO, its importance for business, and some tips for optimizing Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) as the first step in implementing our local SEO strategy.

However, optimizing Google’s Business Profile alone is not enough. More than that, friends must also pay attention to the quality of local content created for users.

Interesting and quality local content will be able to encourage you to win the level of competition for your business against competitors in your business area.

In fact, according to the Search Engine Journal, Local SEO Content managed to increase traffic by almost 300% through local content.

What is Local SEO Content?

Local content is not much different from the content in general that you often encounter on Google.

However, the difference that stands out from local content is that the information presented is more specific about the local area in question. For example, you are in the Silk clothing business and want to market it in Mumbai.

From there, you can present things that smell like Mumbai Silk, for example, the type of Mumbai Silk cloth, the material, and others.

So, we can conclude that the search intent between ordinary content and local content is different. If the content, in general, is more general, local content is more specific because it is only aimed at users who are in that area.

Then, what is the right way to do keyword research for local content?

In doing keyword research, friends only need to focus on finding keywords that are more specific and have a high level of relevance to your blog’s content.

For example, if you want to create content with Silk Clothing shop in Mumbai Friends, just focus on keywords related to Silk Clothing, such as Silk Cloth, various nearby silk clothing businesses, buy silk cloth in Mumbai local type, and others.

So, what kind of local content can be created for your website? Let’s discuss this together through this article!

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5 Types of Local SEO Content You Can Create & Optimize

1. City-specific landing page

Have you ever thought about creating a landing page that explains specifically about your business location?

Most of you probably just put your business address or location at the bottom of the website.

However, try to imagine if friends describe the location of your business specifically on a website landing page by presenting photos of landmarks in the city of your business plus a detailed description of the business location.

There, he explained in detail how his business location was in downtown Atlanta. Not only that, but he also described how to access the business location.

You can apply this step in your business to build quality local content so that it can give users a clear picture of the location of your business.

2. FAQ page

You must often find websites that provide landing pages for an FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

Through the FAQ page, it becomes easier for users to know about the ins and outs of your business. On this page, you can display a variety of common questions that users may often ask.

For example, you provide business classes online. Maybe, on the FAQ page, you can ask various questions related to this, such as:

  • Does taking this online class gets a certificate?
  • How do I pay for online classes?
  • What materials will be presented in the class?
  • Is there a boot camp for this material?
  • And others

To provide the right questions, friends can do some research first about what general things are often asked by users about the business that you present.

Through this page, your website is certainly rich in information so it attracts users to explore it more deeply.

3. Special discounts and packages

Who doesn’t love discounts? Almost all users of course like it. To attract users well, you can display a page that contains product discounts that your friends present.

In addition to attracting user appeal, this one content can certainly be the best weapon in winning local SEO!

How to?

You may be able to provide certain discounts to users who live in your location.

For example, you have a shoe-washing business in Jakarta. Through this content, you can provide discounts for anyone who wants to wash their shoes directly at the store.

In addition, maybe you can also display the purchase packages that can be offered to users. For example, you offer a buy 1 get 1 package when washing shoes.

With this package, users are of course more interested in using the services of their business.

4. Partnership with local events

In your business area, there are a lot of events going on. Feel free to contact him and ask him to cooperate.

Through this partnership, you can certainly attract potential customers from a brand or company holding the event.

From there, you can create a discount page or blog content to promote the event.

However, one thing you need to pay attention to is to Make sure that the event that will be sponsored has a high relevance regarding the products/services that you offer.

5. Blog content

Creating content/articles on blogs will of course help you increase traffic to business websites.

This has been applied by various business models that want to increase revenue. They are looking for organic traffic aka free traffic through Google. When a user types something and finds the content, as a result, users will visit your business without spending a dime.

Then, what about local content? If you want to win the local SEO competition, of course, friends need to think about mature content.

For example, you can present content related to your business, such as your favourite specialities in Jakarta, Bandung, etc. if your business is culinary related.

In addition, maybe you can provide the latest information about your business. For example, there is a new favourite menu that you need to try or even hold a promo for the menu.

To win local traffic, you need to post content consistently. Don’t forget to choose the right keywords and study the content from competitors to get maximum results.

That’s a brief explanation from me about what local content is and its types that you might be able to apply from now on.

Winning local SEO is not a difficult thing if you do it consistently and study your competitors carefully.

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There, there are a lot of SEO practitioners who are ready to be discussed SEO and you can even share your experiences about SEO with others.

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