9 Tips for Writing Interesting Article Titles for Users to Click on

Write Interesting Article Titles for Blog Posts

Article Titles: “Without a strong article title, your article will of course get fewer clicks from users”

Do you believe in this sentence? Yes, it is undeniable that the title has an important role in an article. It’s useless if you have made articles with very good substance, but the title of the article is not attractive to users.

As a result, your articles will not be clicked and the traffic that comes automatically is not as heavy as a waterfall.

Maybe friends still deny that the title is not an important part of an article.

To convince you, according to the Search Engine Journal, according to the Washington Post, 6 out of 10 people only see the title or headline of an article before sharing it with others. Then, only 49% claimed to have read the article.

Interesting right? Now you start to believe that the power of the title or headline can bring large amounts of traffic to your site.

Then, what are the tips for making a strong and attractive title for users to make them click? Let’s see together!

1. Research the content that appears on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

As a writer, you may often feel confused when you want to write the right article title. If you feel that way, it never hurts to research content that is relevant to the contents of your friends’ articles in Google search results.

Understand one by one the articles that are perched on the first page. This will help you to find a strong title for your article.

In addition, you can also do competitor research and start to become a serious competitor in it. Does most of the content on the first page contain a listicle or is it transactional content?

Do the methods above after you find the focus keyword. Not only getting the right title, but you can also find out the search intent or the intent behind the user search.

2. Choose emotional words

The best tip in writing article headlines is to choose diction that can convey emotions to the user.

When the user scrolls and finds a title that arouses his curiosity, he will automatically not hesitate to open it.

This task is not so easy because you could be trapped in a clickbait title. As a result, you promise things that are not sure to the user because the title and content have nothing to do with it at all.

To anticipate this, there are several emotional headline targets that you can note, such as happiness or hope.

For example, headlines that contain a feeling of happiness such as “Recommendations for 5 Humor Genre Novels that Make You Laugh Satisfied ”

Or for example a headline with an element of hope such as “Here are 5 Tips to Successfully Pass User Interviews ”

Pay attention to the selected diction so it doesn’t seem clickbait. Make the user’s curiosity even higher when they only see the headlines you specify. Remember, keep prioritizing the substance of the article as well so that users are not disappointed when reading your article.

The thing that needs to be underlined is that you have shown an attractive title. So, you should also try your best to provide them with informative content.

3. Use numbers in the title

When you want to write a listicle article, one of the best ways to make the headline is to add numbers.

Numbers in the title will automatically attract the attention of users. Because of these numbers, the user can already imagine the contents of the article.

Find your focus keywords and research competitor content in the SERPs. The more numbers that are presented, the more interesting it is for the user.

4. Give value to the user

Every user who comes to your articles certainly wants to get something or value from there. At least, before clicking on your article, users will ask themselves “What will I get from this article?”

You certainly don’t want to give meaningless articles to users, right?

To attract the user’s attention, provide the benefits or value that the user will get when clicking on your articles. Of course, you can embed it through the title.

The titles listed in your articles at least provide educational value, entertainment, answer questions and provide solutions for users.

However, remember once again, don’t be clickbait so that users will still love your website. One more thing, give a good value, but not too promising.

5. Title Optimization for SEO and Human

I understand, that friends must be willing to spend a lot of energy to optimize the title according to SEO rules so that it is read well by search engines.

However, it should also be noted that we also write articles to be read by users who in this sense are all humans. So, try to strike a balance between SEO and human title optimization.

Therefore, you should write a title that is informative, specific, unique, and even interesting for humans. Don’t forget about credibility too so that people can absorb interesting information from your articles.

After finding the right words and easy to read by humans, insert the focus keywords that you will put in the title.

In practice, friends can use WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO or Rank Math. Through these two plugins, you can write good titles for both SEO and humans. The reason is, that friends will be notified if the title is too long and there are no keywords in it.

6. Don’t just write one title

Having two or more title options before being included in the article can be one of the right strategies for friends to find the best.

When you have found what topic you want to discuss in the article, you can formulate two or more best title options that are already embedded in your mind at that time.

If you have made a title option, you just have to eliminate which one is the right one for the article title. Friends can also ask for advice from those closest to them in choosing a title.

You can create the title as you like, whether it’s a title using numbers, questions, or using a third point of view.

In practice, maybe some of your friends feel comfortable writing the title first or writing the title later after the article is neatly written. Go ahead, it’s each your preference.

7. Title test and experiment

When you have found the right title, friends can also test it directly by publishing the article. See, how the percentage of CTR has been summarized in Google Search Console.

If the numbers you get are as expected, the title you choose is very attractive to users. However, if you haven’t, you don’t have to be discouraged and blame yourself. CTR doesn’t go up, it doesn’t mean the titles and articles you make are not good.

You can reshuffle the title and experiment carefully. My advice, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is to research the content titles used by competitors. Study the title and do your experiment well.

8. Use a title that contains a question

When friends are engrossed in surfing the internet, surely you will often find article titles peppered with a question. For example, like the titles below:

  • What Does Writing SEO Articles Look Like? Here are 7 Tips!
  • How many hours of sleep is ideal in one day?
  • Can Drinking Ice Continuously Make Coughing?

Those are some examples of titles that contain questions. You can and are allowed to create a title with a question ending. This of course will trigger the curiosity or curiosity of the readers so that it makes them interested in clicking on your article.

However, you need to pay attention when creating such a title. At the very least, you shouldn’t make questions that the reader already knows the answer to.

In addition, make sure the questions you ask in the title are answered clearly through the articles that have been written. This is so that readers don’t feel wasted time just because they read articles that don’t answer their curiosity.

And lastly, if the answer to the question that you ask in the title is only “yes” or “no”, you should not make a title containing a question.

9. Stay positive in creating titles

Friends can create any title you want to get lots of clicks from readers. Don’t ever write a title that contains negative and provocative elements.

This of course will make your website look bad to the readers and will have an impact on the brand that you have built.

Therefore, remain careful in making the title. Create a title that is very interesting and informative for the readers. If users like your content, it is possible that they will also make purchases of the products/services you offer.

Those are nine tips that friends can practice in making article titles so that they are SEO – friendly and also comfortable for readers to read.

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Titles are like fishing bait. The more attractive, delicious, and comfortable the bait is, the fish will not hesitate to eat it. The result? Anglers will get lots of fresh fish.

So are you. Friends need good fishing bait to be able to increase website traffic properly.

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